Simple ways to Ease Delivery & Boost sales

Simple ways to Ease Delivery & Boost sales

Simple ways to ease Delivery & Boost sales

Shipping is an important part of any online business. To deliver products to customers in their local area, most eCommerce store owners rely on package delivery like FedEx and BlueDart.

You have more control over the delivery and pick-up of your products. Delivery services in India provide better customer service and better shipping experience. Enhancing shipping services by same day delivery will give you an advantage over big eCommerce companies. There are many options available to you if you want to simplify your pick-up and delivery. These options will make it easier for customers to get their orders quickly.

Simple ways to ease Delivery & Boost sales

We offer same-day delivery
You can ship orders to third-party delivery services providers with same-day delivery. You can have your order tracked and picked up by them. Customers place orders on your online shop through an automated dashboard. This dashboard can be linked to your existing POS systems.

Local Delivery
Your local delivery service to customers will be based on the geographic location where you intend to deliver goods. You can allow customers to choose delivery at checkout. They will also receive notifications via email, SMS, and emails about delivery. You can set a delivery estimate, shipping fee, and minimum order value when you opt for local delivery.

In-Store Pickup
You can offer pick-up services to customers. They have the choice to either buy online, pick it up in-store (BOPIS), pick it up from a local shop or curbside. Customers will have the option to choose curbside delivery if this option is enabled at checkout. Your customer will also receive texts to notify them when their order is ready for pick-up. They can also have their order delivered to their vehicle by your staff.

Multiple Shipping Partners
You can offer your customers fast delivery by courier or other means by adding multiple courier partners. Customers can place orders online and you can manage them from different platforms. Shipping partners can help you streamline and integrate orders from multiple delivery companies in one place.

Minimize manual paperwork
The shipping solution is a great way to organize your pick-ups and deliveries. You don’t need to rely on your instincts or manual paperwork for real-time updates and data about shipping, orders, and inventory. A shipping solution such as Shiprocket allows you to see order fulfillment details, inventory details, order tracking and the location of your delivery vehicle GPS.

You can also track the arrival of goods in your warehouse, ship or deliver goods, and view performance metrics through the data analytics dashboard. You can also check the location of drivers with GPS Tracking. This allows you to see their current location and confirm any alerts.

Get driver’s feedback
It is a good idea to solicit feedback from your drivers, and take advantage of their insights and ideas. Your drivers’ feedback will help you optimize your delivery routes. You can get feedback from your drivers to identify bottlenecks and issues that may be causing delays during peak delivery times. It will help you identify customers’ locations which require more time to pick up and deliver goods. It is also easy to give drivers access to specific areas that you are familiar with and can easily get around.

Simple ways to ease Delivery & Boost sales
Simple ways to ease Delivery & Boost sales

The End
Although same-day delivery and pick up may have been possible due to COVID-19’s expedited adoption, the impact on consumer buying habits will be lasting well beyond the pandemic. You will attract more customers and make your pick-up and delivery easier by avoiding such shipping mistakes. These are some great tips to help you enhance shipping services you use for  your eCommerce business.

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